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SMK Museum Garden

What should a central place as the Museum Garden at the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen include? A green park? An open, urban space? Or maybe a real monumental square?  With the competition project SLA proposes to create a green, open garden space for the entire Copenhagen, which embraces both the urban and the natural, the contextualized and the unique, the recreational and the convivial. SLA calls this proposal ’Green Space White Open’. In the Museum Garden's meeting with the surrounding sidewalks the garden space`s outer edge is 'pushed' and 'twisted', so the current straight separation between garden and city is blurred.


Service Urban Design  
Location Copenhagen, Denmark 
Type Urban Space, 2nd prize, invited competition
Client SMK National Gallery of Denmark and Municipality of Copenhagen
Design period 2011
Area 7.500 m2
Collaborators  Keinicke & Overgaard, Rambøll

‘The treatment of the edge is the competition's most convincing offer on the relationship between inside and outside, city and park in that particular place. The edge creates with its elegant game of flow and features, niches and fertility a strong attraction to the garden and a convincing relationship between openings and condensations."

- Excerpt from judge report.