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Rivercity Gothenburg

Gothenburg City is on the verge of a major development of its central harbor. To assist in that development the Municipality of Gothenburg invited ten selected teams for a five day international workshop to create new visions and ideas for the future of Gothenburg. SLA was team leader of one of those teams. By starting with supplying Gothenburg with new green areas, a whole range of benefits are achieved. The city will from day one become more ecofriendly; the city development plans will by default become more dynamic; the propety prizes will rise, thereby attracting local developers securing a valuable investment; and the general health of the population will increase.


Service Workshop, Strategy and vision for Gothenburg
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Type Startegy for urban development, invited workshop
Client Centrala Älvstaden
Design period 2011
Area 400 ha. 
Partners: Henning Larsen Architects, Orbicon, Social Action

With an innovative proposal of ’start green - scale fast’ SLA challenged the old conventions of city development. By focusing on green and small scale interventions, a dynamic process is unleashed that create citizens’ involvement, climate neutrality and social and economic sustainability - starting today.