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Green Square, Sydney

The open building structure, housing OMA's innovative aquatic center, rises from the ground as a continuity of SLA’s landscape. Here you will find a diverse city park with clusters of experiences generated across the whole site. By restoring local wetland typologies and incorporate sport facilities in these, the landscape e.g. gets the capacity to collect rain fall in the winter that can be used for irrigation in the summer. The wetland also creates habitat for native birds and over the year the flora and fauna will offer different expressions and experiences for both sports enthusiasts and the passing pedestrian.

Landscape design
Location Sydney, Australien 
Type Compitition
Client City of Sydney
Design period 2014
Area 23000 m2
Construction cost 50 mio $
Partners OMA

Green Square is a performative landscape design with seasonal synergy that adds both amenity to its densely urbanized surroundings and provides solutions to the climate issues of the area