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Gellerup Urban Park

Gellerup/Toveshøj’s new urban park is the green backbone of the transformation of the area into an attractive neighborhood in Aarhus. The project breaks with the stringent functionality of modernist planning and softens the hard, built design language with beautiful urban spaces, eventful plantings, and activities for all. The park thus introduces a human scale between the large blocks - and forms meeting places and community for the area's residents. 

With SLA's design, the urban park becomes a green gathering point for the whole city - and a safe, biodiverse and social space with activities and open spaces for everyone. Football fields, orchards, playgrounds, diverse city nature, and a new topography that forms hills, lakes and streams, transform Gellerup from a solitary and homogeneous residential area to a vibrant, safe, and green neighborhood, which is an integral part of Aarhus.


Service Park design
 Aarhus, Denmark
Type Invited competition, 1st Prize
Client Aarhus Kommune, Brabrand Boligforening and Realdania

Design Period 2014
Realization  2014-2019
13 hectare
Collaborators EFFEKT, COWI, Social Action, GAME, 
Boris Brorman Jensen

"Team SLA focuses on security and uses strong and sturdy architectural concepts. At the same time the winning team has been very responsive in the process and managed to meet the jury's visions for the future Gellerup. The winning team has ensured that we will have a park that is attractive for the residents in Gellerup/Toveshøj as well as for Aarhus as a whole. We get a park that will have an attraction value for the entire city and thus contribute to the transformation of Gellerup into an attractive neighbourhood in Aarhus."

                                              From the Jury's Report