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Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Plads

The proposal gives Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Plads a strong identity as the city’s landmark for bluegreen climate adaptation.

The project defines a distinctive urban nature of Copenhagen, that learns from characteristic biotopes in Copenhagen such as Utterslev Mose, Kongelunden and Amager Fælled and uses their processes in a rational and aesthetic way.

The result is an urban nature that is aesthetic and functional, biodiverse and sustainable, green and blue, climate adaptable, and creates a sense of community. An urban nature, which gives the Copenhageners a strong aesthetic feeling of nature right on their doorstep.

Service Landscape and Urban Space Design
Location Østerbro, København
Type Competition
Københavns Kommune
Design Period 2015
Realization 2016-?
Area 34 900 m2 
Partners  Alectia og Jens Rørbech

Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Plads centers around climate adaptation. But the project is also about the extra benefits we get from climate adaptation: The blue, the green, the health, the active and the social. In short: All what makes life in the city worth living.